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Click here for some tips on the RCT4 and its receiver.

Do it yourself and save!

Some pump owners like to do everything themselves. That is a great idea, so long as you have the skills to accomplish it successfully. One source for antenna parts in particular is Ham Radio Outlet (HRO), which has stores in several metropolitan areas. There are a number of others as well, such as AES, Universal Radio, R&L and Gigaparts. One customer recently was able to buy a magmount base at HRO, while another who needed the plug end of the Remtana for the Pump Boss was able to find it at their local Ham Radio Outlet.

If you are going to attempt replacement of the antenna plug on the Remtana, download this customer drawing. It shows how the coax should be trimmed to fit the plug. If you want long service life, you will need a good crimper to crimp firmly the crimp ring that keeps everything in place. Ask where you buy the plug whether they can sell you a crimper for RG58. A good one will set you back $30-$40, but will insure long service on the repaired cable. I bought an AIM CAMBRIDGE 249958P at Newark.com.

Need a pouch for your older style (RCT-4 ) remote? - New Lower Price!

The Yoder's at Plycrete  Pumping in Sarasota, Florida use these remotes (along with new ones). 

They ran out of pouches for them, so they had some made up, enough for themselves and more to sell.  The price is $30 with free shipping to the lower 48, or $20 if you pick one up at their shop.

Email them at info@plycrete.com  for more information. Or call  (cell) 941-685-4511.

Alternatives to the Pump Boss

Because the Pump Boss spares have become more expensive and the repair work less reliable than it used to be, pumpers have asked me what the alternatives are. One, supplied by schwingpartsstore.com, is by Microtronics Controls. Another better known one is Omnex, which is owned by Eaton, a large controls manufacturer.

Antennas for the Pump Boss Receivers

I receive questions about possible replacements for Pump Boss Antennas, since they are expensive and factory issue antennas are not locally available.

I suggest you consider the following combinations of mounts and antennas.  They are available at:


and other web stores and should be available through electronic stores, ham radio outlets and land mobile installation and repair organizations.

Maganetic NMO Bases: Maxrad CMHFML195C, Larid G195TI. Permanent Mount:  Maxrad MHFML195 (select a Male TNC connector)

Antennas: (These are all listed as having high gain.) Larsen NMO5T900B, Laird TRA9023N, Maxrad BMAX9105, Maxrad MUF9035. 

The Laird 9023N and Maxrad MHFML195C would be most useful for non-metallic surfaces, such as a fiberglass pump cover.

An  appropriate rubber duck type antenna would be a Laird EXR902TN, available at TESSCO.com, Digikey.com and through other outlets mentioned above.

Another antenna worth considering would be Linx ANT-DB1-LP-RM-01-N available from Mouser Electronics. It has 8.5 db gain and costs about $50.  It needs an adaptor from  N female to TNC male, which costs under $5.

WARNING:  I have not tried these out myself as I am not a concrete pumper.  These are reputable companies and the combination of antenna and mount will cost much less than the factory antenna, and may be available in a larger city near you. I welcome feedback about successful and unsuccessful combinations.

If you go looking for an antenna, you are looking for a TNC Male connector and the frequency the antenna is designed for is 900 Mhz..