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Industrial control service is our specialtyInverter pic
We have years experience in repairing industrial equipment and controls. We do not do VCRs or stereos. We give our industrial customers the service that they require.

The equipment you bring to us is often critical to your operation; that without it, production is often curtailed or shut down altogether. We do our best to expedite repairs so you can be back in production as soon as possible. We have multiple sources of supply for repair components whether they be power supplies, complete controllers or circuit board components. In time critical cases, we will gladly arrange for next day or second day delivery.

Sometimes you get what
you pay for
We are know you want to reduce costs.  But we will not do so compromising safety or longevity.

We recently got in a repair on a certain type of power supply which operates on 480 volts.  The original transformer had been broken, so another repairer substituted a different one. We condemed the unit because correct and safe transformers were not available for these units. Ultimately we worked with a transformer manufacturer to supply safe transformers for these units. This enabled repair of these units instead of using them for spare parts.

The other repairer had substituted a 240 volt rated transformer in place of the 480 volt unit. This will not last and because arcs started by 480 volts are not easily quenched, this unit endangered both operator and technician at the plant where it was installed.

Your safety is our priority.  Make sure that whoever does your work does not cut corners. Feel free to ask questions!

Some examples of what we work on
We specialize in repairing industrial heating and motor controls. We also have experience with controls for large scale printing equipment. Industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment is also an area of expertise. Scoreboards and flashers are also equipment we service, as are power supplies.

Minarik, Dart, Dayton, Cleveland Motor Controls, Reliance and Morse are among the names of dc drive controlsDC motor drive pic we repair.