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Thanks for visiting us! Our mission is repair and maintenance of industrial and commercial electronic equipment. Our focus is on keeping business in business by timely repair of industrial controls and printed circuit boards.  We do not repair consumer electronics.

Our priority is solely on business, since we know when production or control equipment fails it can mean your work comes to a standstill.

We have been repairing industrial and commercial electronics since 1983.

We still fix the older style Remtron remote controls (RCT4/RCR4). We have factory diagrams and use original parts for most repairs. Although my former supplier of antennas has stopped making antennas for these units, I have found another source and can supply them for your units. I usually get them 6 at a time and order more when I am down to two. So if you need ‘em, I nearly always have them or can get them quickly.

We used to fix the Pump Boss remotes too, but since the move to Warren, Ohio, they no longer sell any parts for the circuit board. This makes it nearly impossible for me to repair them. We will look at them for you for the minimum shop rate, but can offer no guarantee of success.

Call us at 541-991-3084 and find out how we can help your business stay in business.

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If you use alkaline batteries in a remote control, and it often gets below 50 degrees overnight, DON’T leave your remote in an unheated shop or car. Alkaline batteries can deliver only half power at colder temperatures potentially making operation erratic or range dramatically lessened. Being cold doesn't cut into battery life, but battery chemistry doesn’t allow full power in cold temperatures. LEAVE YOUR REMOTES IN A HEATED AREA IN COLD WEATHER FOR BEST PERFORMANCE!